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Friday, 13 January 2012
Repel Gel by Van Aken for Donna Kato
Topic: Product Review

Repel Gel. I love the name, it makes me laugh.  I love the idea even better. It is a whitish, odorless, emulsion that claims you can put two pieces of polymer clay together and cure them and they won't stick to each other.  I wish there was Repel Gel for the real world. Some smelly guy on a plane keeps talking to you, just dab on a bit of Repel Gel. Wa-la.  He doesn't want anything to do with you anymore. Your kid is throwing a temper tantrum. Fling some Repel Gel on him (since he's tantruming I am assuming this would be the best way) the child and his wailing are instantly transported to his room with the door closed.  If only it could work that way. Even the great Donna Kato can't help us with all of that. 

It's also funny since us polymer clay artists are constantly trying to figure out how to make our clay stick together MORE.  Should we use liquid clay or not, glue or not, to buy the special bonder or not, etc.  So when I posted on Facebook I had bought some Repel Gel I got some questions. What do you use that for? 

In my case I wanted to use to mold clay around another piece of a previously baked item. I wanted to make a shoe for Barbie and mold it around a clay Barbie foot.  Without some sort of release the clay would stick. The gel worked pretty well. It worked best on two flat surfaces or where the clay didn't have to bend over the baked item. In this case her foot and the bottom of the shoe separated splendidly, when I tried to bake the whole shoe in one piece over the foot, I had some sticking. I also used it with bendy clay and not regular polymer clay. I do think it was worth the  5 bucks I paid. You just need a little so I think the jar will go along way. It also washed up pretty nicely.  Thanks Donna, now if you could just get to work on that gel for smelly guys on planes. Thank you. 




Posted by acmckibben at 11:26 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 22 May 2016 8:55 PM EDT
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